Commercialisation from a Maori Perspective

This Webinar will provide insight into aspects of the commercialisation ecosystem from a Maori perspective.

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Online via Zoom - 1 hour

12pm - New Zealand Standard Time

10am - Eastern Australian Daylight Time


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We are pleased to invite Grace Thomas-Edmond, Kevin Shedlock and Dale Clareburt to provide insight into aspects of the commercialisation ecosystem from a Maori perspective. The discussion will encompass the protection of indigenous intellectual property, the inclusion of individuals from underrepresented groups and the engagement of indigenous communities in the commercialisation process. More information about each speaker is included below. Dr Roslyn Murray, a member of the LESANZ committee, will be our moderator.

Our Speakers

Grace Thomas-Edmond

Grace is a specialist in commercial law at AJ Park. Grace provides commercial advice with a focus on technology, intellectual property (IP) licence agreements and related issues. These include IP ownership and strategy, infringement issues, and the protection of confidential information and trade secrets. Her role also involves providing general company advice, and preparing and reviewing company constitutions and shareholders’ agreements, information communication technology (ICT) and software procurement contracts, confidentiality agreements and sale and purchase contracts.

Grace will talk about the protection of indigenous intellectual property in contract agreements.

Kevin Shedlock

Kevin is an assistant lecturer at the Victoria University of Wellington. His research involves working with indigenous communities to better understand technology from within an indigenous lens. He is particularly interested in virtual reality as a technology that delivers perceived awareness connections and embodied sensory connections within an indigenous socio technical system (iSTS). This involves:

-      Organizing the construction of the IT artifact ex-ante/ex-post.

-      Working with indigenous data filters in an immersive, interactive and intelligent setting.

-      Being spatially located inside technology such as virtual reality.

Kevin will be speaking on engagement processes with indigenous communities during the construction of IT artefacts.

Dale Clareburt

With over 20 years of recruitment and executive experience under her belt, Dale's earned her stripes. As CEO and co-founder of Weirdly, she's living right on the forefront of innovation in the recruitment industry - finding ways to harness machine learning, AI and predictive analytics to reimagine old processes, and ushering in the Future of Work.

Weirdly is a smart recruitment screening tool that can improve retention by up to 50%, improve engagement and hugely reduce screening time. It doesn’t just provide a faster and more fun recruitment process, it also gives candidates a taste of company culture, before they’ve even applied. It takes candidates from apply to offer in 48 hours with custom profiles and a screening process puts the most important things first - soft skills, values alignment, and culture.

Dale will share her insights on how Weirdly,  a smart recruitment screening tool, drive inclusion and diversity to include individuals from underrepresented groups.

11/23/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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