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Indigenous IP Rights Workshop

Indigenous peoples hold a unique body of knowledge, which many are now exploring to find new opportunities, new collaborations, and new initiatives to achieve the social, environmental, and cultural goals of the day. Working with indigenous peoples will introduce a new worldview and perspective on intellectual property rights and a strong desire to preserve indigenous intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge, and cultural heritage. In this session, we will explore this perspective and you will learn how you can help indigenous peoples preserve their indigenous intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge, and cultural heritage for future generations.

We will explore the following questions:

  1. Do you have the capability within your team to engage with indigenous peoples?
  2. Can you build that capability?
  3. What does prior informed consent mean?
  4. What does access and benefit sharing mean?
  5. What can you do to assist indigenous peoples to preserve their indigenous intellectual property rights, traditional knowledge, and cultural heritage?

This presentation will include a presentation from Stacey Whitiora, Group GM Māori at Plant & Food Research, who will provide some insights into how Plant & Food Research are addressing this issue.

Indigenous IP Workshop hosted by Lynell Tuffery Huria, Principal | AJ Park & Stacey Whitiora, Group GM Maori | Plant & Food Research

Valuation of IP Workshop

In this workshop we will explore the three main theories of valuation for intellectual property, when they are most applicable, and their advantages and disadvantages:

  • income based approaches
  • market based approaches
  • cost based approaches

    We will seek to answer questions from the perspective of the licensing practitioner seeking to understand the drivers of value, the importance of underlying assumptions, and how agreements might be structured in response to these issues.

    This workshop will be valuable for anyone for whom these questions arise:

  • what is the difference between price and value?
  • where do I find comparable transactions for estimating reasonable royalty rates?
  • is useful economic life the same as remaining patent term?
  • How is strength of protection accounted for?
  • how can I critically assess a discounted cashflow analysis?
  • what is the 25% rule and does it remain applicable today?
  • how do I set upfront payments?

    IP Valuation Workshop presented by Simon Rowell | Innovation Liberation Front & Past LESANZ President
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