TitleBegin DateEnd DateDescriptionCity
Quantifying the benefits of IP rights - why do SMEs benefit8/4/20218/4/2021In this talk we will review three recent studies and the quantitative benefits to companies and SME’s who seek IP rights, followed by a discussion on why companies benefit by engaging in innovation. SME21
From Idea to Market: An Insolvency update8/10/20218/10/2021In this event, Gavin will revisit the hypothetical scenario from 2016 and provide an update on how directors and stakeholders can manage competing interests in a financially struggling early stage life sciences venture in the midst of unprecedented economic and business uncertainty. INSOLVENCY
Distill. Brew. Ferment. Innovation in the beverage industry8/12/20218/12/2021Join us for an introduction to WA businesses from the beverage industry who are each using innovation to set themselves apart. Hosted by our event partner Wrays, this is a unique opportunity to learn how a range of beverage businesses craft a space for themselves, their products and their brands in a crowded market.PerthDISTILLWA
Cybersecurity8/26/20218/26/2021Webinar - Date to be confirmed in September - Representative from McGrath Nicol CYBERSEC